In this video I discuss how to use an SBA loan to buy or refinance a truck and what you will need for a lenders to make an SBA loans for a trucking business. If you watch any of my other videos on how to start a business or buy business with an SBA loan you know that these funds can be used for start-up costs and purchase of equipment.

I’ve gotten several questions on my other videos when I talk about my trucking business as to how I bought my truck, what was the process, and how complicated is it. I wanted to do a breakout video that is strictly on purchasing a semi truck with an SBA loan. and when I say purchase I also mean a possible refinance.

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3:37 you will need a business plan!
6:34 When to apply to the lender
6:48 working capital breakdown
9:33 Down payment needs

Business Plan Video
Capital One card

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