Qualifying for a Mortgage with student loans isn’t easy!

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At https://FindMyWayHome.com we have been in front of the student loan guidelines since they first started changing in 2015. The changes I am talking about is how a mortgage underwriter is going to your student loan payments when you’re trying to qualify for a home loan.

Since the 1% rule was introduced in 2015, we have helped thousands of homeowners and homebuyers navigate these changes, and connect you with a professional loan officer that has extensive experience with student loan guidelines.

Unfortunately, the most common mistake that we encounter is inexperienced loan officers approving you for a home loan when in fact you do not qualify for that program. That doesn’t mean that you would not qualify for a mortgage, it just means that you will not qualify for the mortgage that you are “pre-approved” for.

Can you imagine? You’ve paid for inspections, started packing, and you find out a week or two before you’re supposed to move that you no longer qualify! It happens every day, but it doesn’t have to.

If you go to the Guide by clicking the link above, scroll down to the comments section below the article. You’ll see hundreds of folks that were in your exact situation, that we were able to connect to an experienced loan officer that can help.

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We have been educating and empowering homeowners at https://FindMyWayHome.com since 2007. We are passionate about making sense of confusing and challenging times for home buyers and homeowners after the great housing recession of 2008.

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If you have a complicated question and would like an introduction to a loan officer that we know and trust, you can tap into our network of mortgage experts here – https://www.findmywayhome.com/ask-question/


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