Do you want the most out of your portfolio? We’re all in this together for the money and not just the ride. So to make sure we are always getting our best out of our portfolio is vitally important.

Learn the 4 puzzles of profiting in the current marketplace, and what the top investors do in order to create beneficial wealth. This episode is packed to the rim with everything profiting in real estate. Put your thinking caps on as we delve into profiting on your portfolio.

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1:39 – The 4 Puzzles of Profiting
10:12 – How Do Top Investors Invest?
23:59 – Confidence in the Plan
25:49 – The Most Significant Profits in Real Estate

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🔵 How to continue to GROW your Property portfolio and wealth in rising interest rate cycles. Note: this is when the wealthy, really get wealthy, because everyone else is scared to act.
🔵 How to PAY YOUR HOME OFF in 15 years or less – it’s never been more important than right now
🔵 The biggest RENTAL BOOM Australia has ever seen is underway and going to continue. Are you in position to capitalise on this opportunity?
🔵 NEW SUPPLY of housing has dropped 68 and 84% in these 2 capital cities, BUT demand is up! What does this mean for YOUR property wealth and financial goals?⁣
🔵 Discover Australia’s “Plan” to improve the economy through permanent skilled workers, students and traveling workers, which will bring an extra 2 million people into our country over the next 5 years. IKYMI – this will positively impact your REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT and provide needed housing.
🔵 How to work out what your ‘FREEDOM INCOME’ goal is and how many properties you will need to reach this. IMPORTANT – This is one of the first things you need to understand when starting your investment journey.
🔵 Why ALL PROPERTIES are not created equal and how to spot a good investment in the right location.
🔵 How to invest in a rising interest rate market WITHOUT OVERPAYING or buying a dud property⁣⁣⁣.
🔵 Where your WEEKLY PAY goes and how you can do more with it by investing in real estate, long-term.
🔵 How to use property investing to REDUCE TAX paid and end up with more money in your pocket each week⁣⁣⁣.
🔵 Learn the 4 Pillars of Property Investing and how this will set you apart from other investors and GUIDE YOU towards success.⁣

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