Today Dr. Dahle and Dr. Spath answer your questions about Charitable giving. They get into the details of charitable gift annuities, what level of transparency churches are required to have in regards to donations, answer if it is better to donate appreciated stock for charity or to use it to offset capital losses, as well as share their favorite ways to donate. After all of that they tackle an array of questions about bonds.

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00:00 Charitable Giving and Bonds
06:08 Charitable Gift Annuities
15:44 Vetting Churches
21:09 WCICON Attendee Interview
31:41 Donating Appreciated Stock
37:30 Where To Keep Bonds
43:32 Municipal Bonds
48:26 TIPS vs. I-Bonds
56:43 Asset Location For Bonds
59:55 Vanguard Customer Service
01:09:22 Wrap-Up


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