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I’m Sujoy and today I’ll tell you how to use Spreadsheet Mode of Casio fx-991EX Classwiz Calculator to find SIP returns of Mutual Fund.

Topics Explained-
1. Loan amortization, word problem analysis like to solve it on Casio fc-200V, BA-II Plus calculator
2. Present value PV, future value FV, monthly payment PMT
3. Interest Rate per annum I/Y, Interest Rate Per month I
4. Loan compunding frequency C/Y, Payments per year P/Y, Tenor of loan T
5. EMI formula to calculate EMI
6. EMI full form = Equated Monthly Installment
7. How to program Casio fx-991ES Calculator with EMI formula
8. How to use CALC and SOLVE on Casio fx-991ES Calculator
9. What is mortgage constant
10. How to save money on Home Loan EMI, tips with practical calculation
11. Pure Discount Loan, Interest Only Loan, Amortized Loan explained in easy words

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