Learn from a Mortgage Specialist on How to Obtain a Mortgage Broker License, Advice to New Immigrants to Canada & How Mortgage Specialists could help.

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Full Video Will Cover:
0:10 Minutes – Introduction
2:35 Minutes – Services Provided- Help Provided to Newcomers to Canada
4:44 Minutes – Obtaining a Mortgage – Advice to Newcomers to Canada
8:07 Minutes – Becoming a Mortgage Agent – Process Explained
11:00 Minutes – Advice to Mortgage Brokers – Sharing Knowledge Gained
11:56 Minutes – Sharing Interview Tips – Job Preparation
13:01 Minutes – Tips to Finding Employment – List of Resources
16:06 Minutes – Contact Details

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About ProfessionalLinkz:
Professional Linkz is a Professional Video Series created for the following benefits :
-Learn About Products & Services:To receive information and in-depth guidance from professional leaders and specialists regarding essential and innovative products and services.
-Employment Tips:Job seekers could receive useful guidance and tips in finding employment and on how to prepare for interviews from professional leaders and potential employers.
-Professional Coaching Tips:Fellow professionals could receive professional development tips from professional leaders and specialists to advance their career.
-Professional Qualifications & Skills Tips:Students, new immigrants and professionals could learn about qualifications, experience and skills required to excel in a profession.
-Join The Professional Network:Connect with other professionals from all over the world.
-Find Contacts & Customers:Effective method for businesses to find new business contacts and potential employees and customers.
-Free Service:Receive pertinent professional development information completely free, and avoid paying high consultancy fees.

The information in the videos is provided by independent professionals, business owners, specialists and leaders for entertainment purposes only and has not been verified by EmpoweredProfessionals. Any decision or action made by any viewer of this video is entirely at the discretion of that individual.


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