Australia’s biggest bank has announced a huge hike to one of its interest rates in a sign home buyers will continue to feel the pain on their mortgages for months to come. Economists and analysts are SHOCKED at the size of Commonwealth Bank’s fixed rate hike of 1.40 percentage points for both owner-occupiers and investors coming into force on Thursday, 30th June 2022.

That’s right, The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), alongside other banks such as ANZ, have increased their fixed mortgage rates by a huge 1.4 per cent, just days before the next Reserve Bank board meeting. The changes come less than a fortnight after CBA hiked rates again following the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) decision to dramatically lift the cash rate over May and June to 0.85 per cent after its historic low imposed to counter the economic shock from the Covid-19 pandemic. A third successive rate hike is expected next Tuesday after the RBA board holds its July meeting, but what does this mean for homebuyers in 2022?

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In this video, we’ll analyse CBA & ANZ’s decision to lift these interest rates and answer the following questions:

πŸ‘Œ What’s the lowest fixed rate CBA Offer?
πŸ”“ What’s better? A fixed or variable home loan.
πŸ™… Why did CBA lift its fixed mortgage rate by 1.4%?
πŸ“ˆ Will the Reserve Bank of Australia lift the cash rate again in July?
πŸ”₯ What can home buyers expect under the new mortgage rates?
🏦 What Mortgage Options Do You Have?
βš’οΈ Should You Consider Breaking Your Fixed Rates?
πŸ’° Why Your Mortgage Could Be Costing You!
βœ… The Advantages & Disadvantages Of A Fixed Rate Home Loan
βœ‹ Should I fix my home loan in 2022?
πŸ‘ Is now a good time to look at variable rates?
🏘️ What does this mean for my borrowing power?
🏦 What have the banks recently announced?
🏘️ Is it harder to get a loan in 2022?
πŸ’° Why are the banks taking such a tough stance on home loans?
πŸ’± What are the major crackdowns that the banks have implemented?
🀷 Could house prices still increase, even with interest rate rises?
πŸ“ˆ How will interest rates affect lenders borrowing criteria
🧰 What can home buyers do to avoid these crackdowns?
πŸ’΅ How are rising interest rates affecting borrowing capacity?
πŸ™ƒ What does your borrowing capacity look like in 2022?
πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί Why the changes from lenders across Australia?
πŸ—£οΈ Why you need to speak to a mortgage broker
πŸ€‘ How your Mortgage Broker can save you thousands!
βœ‹ How cautious should you be in 2022 with your mortgage?
πŸ‘Œ Is NOW a good time to buy a home?
πŸ’₯ Is a property boom still on the cards?
🏑 What next for the Australian property market?
↕️ What does a 7% inflation rate mean?
πŸ’° What do these rate rises actually mean for your mortgage?
πŸš€ What should investors do in 2022?

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Here’s what we know:

00:00 Fixed Rates SOAR Across Banks? This will STING!
00:43 Does it make sense to FIX your mortgage?
01:46 Variable Vs Fixed Home Loan Rates – A PREMIUM DIFFERENCE
02:30 What makes sense for homebuyers in 2022?
03:11 How to remove a Guarantor on your loan?
03:44 How long should you keep a Guarantor for?
04:49 When’s the best timing to remove a Guarantor?
05:59 Home Equity in your home loan?
06:25 What are the steps in removing your Guarantor?
07:30 Why you should think about refinancing in 2022!
07:56 How to avoid a full home loan & bank application?
09:35 Worst-case scenario!
09:57 Best case scenario for homebuyers!

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