1. Reasons For Mortgage Loan Denial During Mortgage Process
* A mortgage denial occurs when the mortgage guarantor rejects the housing loan because the borrowers do not meet federal minimum mortgage guidelines or individual lender overlays.

– There are reasons to refuse a mortgage that can be avoided
– Each loan program has its own minimum loan guidelines as defined by the loan program
– For example, HUD sets out all loan guidelines for FHA loans
– The Department of Veterans Affairs creates and implements mortgage loan guidelines for VA loans
– Rural development sets standards and guidelines for the provision of USDA loans
– Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac set mortgage guidelines for conventional loans

2. Ways Of Avoiding Mortgage Loan Denials
* As long as the borrowers are qualified, there should be no reason to refuse a mortgage.

– Not all mortgage applications are the same
– There may be many different case scenarios, and sometimes guidelines may be unclear
– When the loan officer has questions about the mortgage guidelines, he should consult the Insurance Loan Scenarios Department
– Loan officers should conduct a scenario with the insurer before submitting mortgage documentation
– Particular attention should be paid to the actual start date of the waiting periods after the takeover of the property and the act instead of the takeover of the property
– FHA and Fannie Mae have strict start dates, waiting periods to qualify for a mortgage takeover, and take action instead of takeover
– The start date of the waiting period is not the date the property was commissioned, but the sheriff’s sale date and/or the date the homeowner’s name was transferred to the mortgage lender

The reasons for refusing a mortgage can be avoided. The best way to avoid the reasons for refusing a mortgage is to have a reliable, experienced loan officer who qualifies for borrowers. Borrowing officials must ensure that borrowers meet all federal credit guidelines and expenses. Gustan Cho Team at Loan Cabin Inc. is a national direct lender with no overlay on government and conventional loans.

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