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HI Everyone

Last week we helped Teriann in NSW refinance her Owner Occupied Property & we consolidated all of her other Non-Home Loan Debts.

Teriann is now approximately $1,500 better off …or cash flow positive each month.

Teriann initially found FutureSett through one of our online Facebook ads…

…After clicking the add and booking an initial conversation with myself, we started to moving things forward to better Teriann’s current situation.

Teriann had home loan repayments of $2390 a month, a personal Loan at $433 month, a credit card at approximately $165 month and in addition had a novated car lease which was being deducted from her payslip each month at $856 per month.

So that’s an outgoing total of $3844 per month

So, what we did is, we refinanced the home loan to a lender with a sharper interest rate, but we also consolidated all of Teriann’s debts..what this means is, on settlement, the lender paid out Teriann’s car loan, credit card and personal loan.

All debts were basically rolled into her home loan, so she now has one single loan repayment of $2,324 per month

That’s a whopping $1520 per month that Teriann is now banking each month

Teriann was super stoked with the outcome and she is now planning to save cash to give her more comfort on a daily basis knowing her cash reserves will be building up..

…plus Teriann would like to consider maybe later next year starting an investment property portfolio to build wealth and to create a passive income in retirement which is something myself and the team here at FutureSett will help Teriann with.

If you are in a similar situation to Teriann, or would like to discuss how we can help improve your situation…

All you need to do is; and like Teriann did…click the link below to book a time with me for a quick chat and we can start to see if we can also save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each month and each year.

For now, take care and let’s chat soon!!

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