If want to become a business loan broker, click this link and speak to us: https://affiliates.ioncapitalsolutions.com

In this two-part video training, I explain what I would do if I had to start as a business loan broker all over again.

It does NOT include:

– Buying Business Loan or MCA Leads (always trash)

– Running paid ads (Needs thousands and expertise to make profitable)

– Cold Calling (Can work but needs expertise and is extremely inefficient when compared to other techniques)

– Networking At Local Business Meets (Inefficient use of your time. Low value leads and mostly not refundable)

– Credit Repair (Low Return Unless You Have Lead Volume – Volume Needs Money)

– SBA’s (Long runway to fund, the business profile needs to be a perfect – inefficient way to make money and scale)

There are far easier FREE methods you can use to get started and I explain how in this 2 part training.

If you are interested in learning everything about business Loan or Real Estate Investor broking…

Go ahead and schedule a discovery call directly with me by clicking the link below:


We also have a new Facebook Group where we share weekly content, tips and advice on all things Loan and REI Broking.

Just search on Facebook:

“ION Capital – Loan Broker University”

Request access and I’ll see you there. Here’s to your success!

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