Why use a mortgage broker instead of a bank? In this video we are going to walk you through the pros, cons and mistakes people make when deciding to go with a mortgage broker or a bank.

I’m going to walk you through my 8 tips to help you choose between a broker or banker. Helping you with not only with what the differences are, but the questions to ask, step by step, so keep watching.

00:00 Mortgage Broker vs Bank [Who can you trust?!]
01:09 1. Specialist vs Generalist
02:19 2. Customer satisfaction
03:39 3. The benefits of going directly to the bank
05:50 4. Banker vs Broker
07:14 5. Are all brokers the same?
09:13 6. Do mortgage brokers charge a fee?
10:43 7. What does a mortgage broker actually do?
11:36 8. How do I know if a mortgage broker is legit?

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Did you know that over 60% of consumers chose to get their home loan through a mortgage broker and that this predicted to increase to 75% by 2024. How could this be?

Well according to a study conducted by Deloitte, mortgage brokers can be thanked for over a 3% net interest margin reduction over the past 30 years. Essentially meaning the banks are making less money as a direct result of the competition mortgage brokers create.

Brokers have literally saved the Australian Public billions.

But other than creating greater competition, what’s the difference between going to a bank or broker? Today, we’ll look at just that.

Broker market share hits 60%


1 Specialist vs Generalist

Here’s a Question for you, if you had to go in for surgery, which doctor would you choose?

The general practitioner who performs the surgery every 3 or 4 months, or the specialist who completes that exact surgery six times a week?

2 Customer satisfaction

The Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia found that over 90% of mortgage broker customers were satisfied with the service they received and brokers Net Promoter Score was in excess of 70.


3 The benefits of going directly to the bank

By this point you’re probably thinking there is no benefit in going directly to the bank, and that by doing so is simply a waste of your time and whilst you’re probably right. There are some benefits in going directly to the bank.

Firstly, if you’re a customer of the bank, it will mean you wont need to provide bank statements for the facilities they hold and that if you’re paid into one of these accounts that it might also mean you wont need to provide payslips.

4 Banker vs Broker

Going to a banker could be like seeing a used car salesperson. They’ll promise you a great deal, and you probably getting one, if you’re comparing their products against their own. Kinda like that sales person saying it’s the cheapest car they’ve got on the lot. Yea sure, its a great deal on the particular car lot, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. You wouldn’t expect the car salesperson to say that there’s that same car on Car Sales cheaper and this is what you can expect when dealing directly with the bank.

5 Are all brokers the same?

The world has changed, and the banks are essentially becoming forensic accountants.

Questions you’ll want to ask your brokers;

1 – over the last 12 months what’s been your decline rate?
2 – can you please explain your process in how you recommend lending options?
3 – what happens when you’re in a meeting, who is looking after my file then?

6 Do mortgage brokers charge a fee?

In short brokers don’t charge for their service. I know what you’re thinking, but there’s gotta be a catch. Does that mean we get higher rates through a broker?

The Productivity Commission, which is a Government agency, found that and I quote “…distributing loans through brokers has, on average, increased smaller lenders’ market shares” and that “these lenders would, on average, need to have an additional 118 branches each in order to maintain their current market shares in the home loan market.”

7 What does a mortgage broker actually do?

A broker’s role is to essentially be a conduit. Rather than telling you what to do, they’ll actively do the leg work for you. From calling your solicitor if extensions are needed, to liaising with the banks to hurry them along so you don’t have to.

8 How do I know if a mortgage broker is legit?

To know if your broker has the legit factor you’ll want to look at three specific things

1 – Reviews
2 – Awards
3 – Membership


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