How Does Mortgage Interest Deduction Work [It Ain’t What You Think] // The mortgage interest tax deduction sounds good on the surface. And it is most definitely something you should take advantage of when you can. However, paying mortgage interest just for the tax deduction is a fool’s errand.

Sure… the mortgage deduction comes in handy during tax time. However, the mortgage interest deduction doesn’t do you any good for the rest of the year now …does it?

Your personal finance needs are an all year thing. If you use the answer to the “can I deduct my mortgage interest” to justify having a mortgage, you’re short-changing yourself. The mortgage deduction explained in this video will reveal the real answer to the interest deduction questions no one seems to ask… but need to know the answers to.

For more information about how you can pay off your mortgage, as well as any other debt you may have, AND… build a stockpile of tax-free cash with the same money at the same time, click the link below.


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