Explore the three types of investment property refinance with Caeli Ridge!

• Rate and Term
• Standard Cash-Out Refinance
• Delayed Cash-Out Refinance

Also learn about the BRR strategy for investment success: Buy, Rehab and Refinance.

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Ridge Lending Group (RLG) is a second-generation company specializing in residential, investment property financing.

Currently at the helm of Ridge Lending Group is Caeli Ridge (pronounced: ChaLee), President, CEO, and fellow real estate investor.

She has spent the last 18 years as a nationwide lender, loan officer and real estate investor in both residential and commercial properties.

As an established real estate investor, she has held up to 42 investment properties at any one time across the United States.

She has worked with tens of thousands of RE investors and homeowners all over the country and has helped more families realize their dreams of homeownership as real estate investors than any other mortgage lender in the country.

She maintains and serves her real estate investor database of 60,000 strong and growing.


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