How to Refinance to save money | How To Refinance Your Mortgage To Save Money: Get Rid of PMI or Lower Your Interest Rate. Today I discuss two ways you can save money with a mortgage refinance: lowering your interest rate or getting rid of your Personal Mortgage Insurance or PMI.

Everyone is talking about record-low mortgage rates today and wondering if it’s a good time to refinance. And getting rid of PMI is a great way to lower your monthly mortgage payment and save money. But mortgages are complicated, so in this video I cover the things you need to look at and questions to ask your lender to make sure refinancing with a lower rate will actually save you money!

If you’re considering refinancing to save money download my Refinance Cost Vs. Savings Checklist:

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With 18+ years of experience as a loan officer, Stephanie Weeks founder of The Weeks Team and has ranked among the top 1% loan officers in the nation several years running.

She’s closed thousands of loans totaling hundreds of millions of dollars in volume. She is passionate about helping buyers and sellers through the process of getting a mortgage, and believes getting a home loan should be an enjoyable process!

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This book digests 18+ years of experience in the mortgage industry into a book you can read in less than an hour. What will all that experience teach you?

In a nutshell, it’s a summary of everything a borrower, realtor and or investor would want to know about the process to get a mortgage without hassle, problems or drama.

Things you’ll learn in Mortgage Peace include:

✔ The importance of good teamwork
✔ How to communicate successfully
✔ 5 Mistakes Borrowers Make (& how to avoid them)
✔ Types of mortgage loans
✔ Advice for selecting the best loan
✔ How to get a great rate
✔ Plus much, much more

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How to Refinance to save money
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